Create a Poster with your favourite photo


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PosteRazor is an utility which allows you to create a poster of a photo in your PC.

PosteRazor will create the poster just as you tell him.

You can create the poster in several ways, such as, selecting the size you want, or selecting the number of papers you want to use, the percentage you want to enlarge the photograph,...

It supports a large range of picture files (BMP, DDS files, Dr. Halo, GIF, ICO, IFF, JBIG, JNG, JPEG/JIF, KOALA, LBM, Kodak PhotoCD, MNG, PCX, PBM, PGM, PNG, PPM, PhotoShop PSD, Sun RAS, TARGA, TIFF, WBMP, XBM, XPM) so you will not have any problem at the time of creating your poster.

So, what are you waiting for redecorating your room with PosteRazor?
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